Blom offers a wide range of services related to vegetation mapping and forest inventory. Blom has a team of skilled forest engineers that use advanced forestry modelling to obtain highly accurate information about volumes of timber, carbon stock evaluation, carbon emission rights calculation and biological assets value. In addition Blom has developed a unique automatic segmentation procedure based on aerial laser scanning (LiDAR).

Using advanced remote-sensing techniques offers new possibilities and applications in forestry. One example is the elevation model of vegetation, which indicates the amount of vegetation and tree height in the forest. These forest characteristics can be monitored and assessed on a regular basis. By these means, Blom provides unique and essential information to Administration Environmental Departments, forest managers, forest owners, investors and any other stakeholders of the forestry sector.


Blom can create a detailed inventory of forest types on the basis of individual species. Each type of tree is determined by the average diameter, average height, number of strains, area and volume.


Based on the combination of data from field research, biomass and laser scanning data, Blom are able to determine with precision the total amount of carbon stocks and the ability of forests to store carbon.


Using the spectral characteristics of digital aerial imagery and laser scanning data, Blom can prepare an overview of vegetation in cities and densely populated areas.


Using laser scanning data for the purposes of determining the hazardous vegetation and its subsequent removal from the pipeline or electrical cables.

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