BlomWEB™ is a web based solution that provides the user with all of the features and functionality of the BlomURBEX™ API in the form of a pre-designed application. This viewer is directly connected to the BlomURBEX and the BlomURBEX3D geoservers.

Blom has developed BlomWEB to provide Blom’s customers with the flexibility of accessing the BlomURBEX geoserver through a variety of methods either via BlomWEB, web API’s, mobile SDK’s or GIS plug-ins. BlomWEB contains the functionality that is provided in the API’s, for example navigation, search and measurement while retaining the speed and stability of the BlomURBEX service.

There are many applications for the BlomWEB, through many different market sectors and with a wide range of products. The application has been designed for professional users that require a viewer to manage Blom’s data for purposes such as emergency planning, visualisation and urban planning.


Local Government

Dated multiple views of any location provide government departments with a rich library to generate reports for planning and recording asset inventories.

Central Government

BlomURBEX via BlomWEB can quickly and efficiently serve a comprehensive collection of images of over 1,000 areas across Europe to any internet enabled device.

Emergency Services

The user can familiarise themselves with the scene before reaching the event. Powerful information source for night time situations.

Urban Planning & Maintenance

BlomWEB is capable of seamlessly hosting imagery, raster and 3D models, creating a complete visualisation package.

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