BlomURBEX™ is an online geographic information server (geoserver) which has been developed by Blom to allow on-line access to all of Blom’s archive products. This server is a revolutionary collection of geographical datasets including high resolution aerial imagery, LiDAR and raster data. Functionality within BlomURBEX allows the user to navigate, measure, export and search.

The BlomURBEX server has been specially designed to provide fast access to tiled georeferenced data models. The data and functionality can be accessed through a variety of technologies and applications as Blom has a collection of standard API’s / SDK’s which allow users to create their own integrations with intranet solutions or web mapping products. Alternatively users can access BlomURBEX through pre-developed GIS plug-ins or via Blom’s new viewing applications BlomWEB™ and BlomDESKTOP™. The many different methods of accessing BlomURBEX emphasises the flexibility of the service and how this geoserver can meet all customer requirements, however varied they may be. 

Currently within the Blom archive there are over a thousand areas represented by aerial imagery and hundreds of 3D models. BlomURBEX is designed to serve all products and services provided by Blom, but data belonging to the client or a third part can also be tiled and uploaded to the server to be used by the client alongside the Blom data. The technology behind BlomURBEX ensures speed and flexibility with data layers that are extremely fast to load whilst still being robust and stable to meet the demands of any ambitious enterprise.

Potential applications of BlomURBEX are vast with the ability to aid any market sector that requires quick and easy access to geospatial data. The service is simple to use and has intuitive functionality that does not require any intensive training. This means that BlomURBEX is quick to spread throughout an organisation at relatively low costs. 



Local Government

Dated multiple views of any location provide government departments with a rich library to generate reports for planning & recording assets.

Central Government

BlomURBEX can quickly and efficiently serve a comprehensive collection of images of over 1,000 areas across Europe to any internet enabled device.

Emergency Services

The user can familiarise themselves with the scene before reaching the event. Powerful information source for night time situations.

Urban Planning & Maintenance

BlomURBEX is capable of seamlessly hosting imagery, raster and 3D models, creating a complete visualisation package.

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