BlomSTREET™ is a collection of georeferenced, high-resolution, 360 degree panoramic images that are captured from ground level.

Compared to other free street level services on the web, BlomSTREET users have the ability to take measurements directly from the imagery. It's also possible to download data in various file formats. Metadata is included, meaning it’s possible for clients to know exactly what time and day the images were captured. Blom already provides customers with a wide range of different datasets and BlomSTREET is fully accessible next to Blom’s other services, such as BlomOBLIQUE and BlomORTHO.

The technology behind BlomSTREET is provided by the Dutch company CycloMedia. BlomSTREET is delivered as a cloud based service where the customer receives imagery and functionality delivered via a web service, no storage of data is necessary for the client. This also allows functions and data to be updated without the customer requiring new installations.

The camera equipment is mounted on the roof of a specially equipped car and captures on average an image every five meters. Image quality is high and has a high-resolution of 4,800 x 2,400 pixels. Each image is oriented and digitalisation is georeferenced to existing geodetic reference system in plan and elevation. The positioning is performed via GPS technology with accuracy up to 0.10 m. The high-resolution imagery via the web service allows digitising for updating of maps or other types of geographic and asset based databases.

Blom integrates the Cyclomedia API services into its own geo-server platform, BlomURBEX, allowing for a variety of features in the web application.


Road Management & Inventory

Manage Transport assets with automatic detection of traffic signage and seamlessly integrate data into GIS and ICT packages.

Waterways Management

Capture imagery for shore and displacement barrier management and maintenance, dredging programs and ecology management.

Security and Public Safety

BlomSTREET can provide visualisation, simulation and education of vital infrastructure sites such as airports, hospitals and petrochemical parks. 

Leisure and Tourism

Cycloramas’ rich and interactive virtual tours bring extensive information for any locations to potential guests.

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