The BlomORTHO™ archive is a collection of vertical image mosaics. Blom offers seamless imagery of over a thousand areas at resolutions of 10 – 20cm per pixel, in select areas resolutions as high as 4 cm per pixel can been achieved.

BlomORTHO imagery dates from 2005 and is updated on a regular basis; the mosaic product is produced from Nadir vertical imagery that has been geometrically corrected to represent its true ground position. The imagery is then processed into georeferenced tiles, normally 1km² in size. BlomORTHO can be delivered offline in georeferenced tiles or can be accessed online via the BlomURBEX™ service.

Traditional aerial imagery has been used in many different sectors for a long time. The continuing popularity of this product shows it produces a consistent return on investment and is a proven economical solution to reduce site visits, and therefore cost. There is a vast range of sectors currently using the BlomORTHO product, web directories are currently using BlomORTHO as an aerial overview, government departments are using the imagery as part of their GIS databases and planning officials are using the data for visualisations during meetings and illustrating planning reports.

The BlomORTHO product has a range of sub-products dependant on country and resolution; please see the right column for more information.


Government Planning

Easily integrated into existing GIS, vertical imagery offers an inexpesive and valuable resource for asset and land management.

Online Business Directories

Vertical aerial imagery gives a greater familiarity and detail than other mapping data when users want to quickly locate a residence or business.

Media & Publishing

Online delivery of vertical imagery enables both print and digital media agencies immediate access to complimentary and story enhancing visualisations.

Utilities & Telecommunications

With up to 4cm GSD in resolution BlomORTHO can provide a fantastic resource to reduce site visits and update asset datasets from the desktop.

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