Blom has a long and trusted reputation as an aerial imagery provider; many of the datasets that were captured in the distant past have been retained and have now become part of the BlomHISTORICAL™ archive.

The acquisition of Simmon’s Aerofilms in 2005 meant that Blom now owned the massive UK Aerofilms library; this is a library dating from 1919 to 2006 and a mixture of vertical and oblique imagery.  The oblique imagery library section of the Aerofilms collection was purchased by the English Heritage in 2007.  

Certain historic datasets, for example the London 1966 dataset, can also be viewed on the BlomURBEX hosted service.


Boundary Disputes

Historical imagery has a proven value for supporting planning officials with boundary disputes between two sets of residences.

Land Use Change

With sets of historical images it is possible to record land use changes over a period of time, assisting with planning proposals.

Historical Records

Aerial images are now being used to provide historical records, for events, buildings and landscapes. Imagery from WW2 has helped piece together information previously missing from the records.

Environmental Monitoring

Historical images are currently being used to assist with coastal erosion; the images are kept as a historical record and to compare with modern images to assess erosion progress.

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