Blom3D™ is the product name for Blom’s archive 3D models. Blom currently has in excess of 340 detailed urban models, covering more than 12,000 km² and detailing more than 20 million buildings.

The Blom3D models have four different LODs (level of detail), ranging from simple wire frames to fully textured models. This flexible range of LOD allows Blom’s clients to choose which level of detail they require for their specific purposes.

The Blom3D™ product family contains the following layers/components:

  • BlomLOD1 - Building blocks minus roof detail
  • BlomLOD2- Building blocks with large scale roof detail with approximation of colour derived from the LOD4 textures.
  • BlomLOD3- Building blocks with large scale roof detail plus standard format library textures based on  colour and representation of real features
  • BlomLOD4 - Building blocks with large scale roof detail plus Photo-realistic textures from aerial imagery
  • BlomLANDMARKS - High resolution 3D representations of specific landmarks completed with Photo-realistic textures
  • BlomNAVIGATION - Dataset of road features and other elements generated for routing, navigation and representation purposes.

Applications for Blom3D are varied dependant on the market sector, as public awareness of 3D increases then so does the requirement for the models in new and evolutionary functions. Traditional uses currently involves Blom3D being used for planning purposes, new applications for the models has seen them become invaluable in gaming and interactive multimedia guides


Architecture & City Design

The Blom 3D viewers make it simple to add and replace new features, making it an ideal tool for showcasing architecture and city designs.

Virtual Cities & Tourism Guides

Blom3D displays landmarks and additional information, making it very simple to create online 3D guides and tours.


Blom3D models are filly optimised for use in navigation devices, allowing for a truly natural 3D navigation experience.

Telecoms Infrastructure

Blom3D LOD 1 & LOD 2 provides high resolution city models that can be used for radio planning design in urban environments.

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