Products and Services

Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey is a core element of Blom's business, providing the traditional basis for many of Blom's products and services.

Ground and Mobile Survey

Blom has many years experience completing land surveys under a number of disciplines including mobile laser scanning, terrestrial laser scanning, and team's of experienced field survey staff.

Mapping and Modelling

Blom has developed a digital flow line, enabling the delivery of geographic data in all GIS / cartography formats for both customer specific requirements and standard specifications.

GIS Services

Blom uses their aerial survey products to create derived products and services that can be used within a range of industries. An example of these services includes using 3D models combined with other datasets to predict the solar potential of roofs.

Blom Data Models & BlomURBEX

Blom has specialised in the creation of detailed geodata models, ranging from traditional vector maps to LiDAR data, urban 3D models and high resolution aerial imagery including oblique views of more than 4,000 cities in Europe. Blom now hosts all of these datasets on their specially developed geoserver, BlomURBEX.

Environmental Consultancy

Blom uses their aerial imagery and LiDAR datasets to create derived products and services which provide valuable information for environmental consultancy. Examples include using LiDAR and 3D models to predict the potential of flooding or using LiDAR to predict the future growth of tress around power lines.

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