Real Estate

The real estate business needs to present properties in the best possible light to potential customers and partners, especially in such a competitive market. Blom offers a unique way to show the quality of the properties offered. In addition to providing high resolution, BlomOBLIQUE images of each property or location, Blom can also provide tools for allowing users to create measurements of, for example, building heights, surface areas and distances to the nearest park, train station or school.

It is easy to realise the market differentiation based on the Blom content, making the service offered noticeably more attractive to the market and potential buyers, raising the value of the activity and the company. High quality imagery is essential to correctly represent the attractiveness of a brand and Blom provides market leading high resolution images, covering all main European cities.


Property Pack Illustrations

Aerial imagery, such as BlomOBLIQUE, provides fantastic visualisations for client property packs and advertising. 

Website Enhancement

Integrating BlomOBLIQUE, via BlomURBEX into client facing websites allows users to get a greater spatial awareness and visualisation of the advertised properties.

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