Directory Services & Web

The market sectors within directory services and web are becoming increasingly visual and technologically based. With the development of social media, geotagging and phone apps the need for geospatial is rapidly increasing. There are many types of free data available, but as expectations increase then so does the requirement for high accuracy and high resolution data.

Blom’s vast archive of aerial imagery, street imagery, and 3D models, balances the requirement of high quality and geographical coverage range. Blom3D is very popular for the creation of interactive guides within the tourism industry, while traditional aerial imagery is currently widely used to visualisation geographical locations in the news or in documentaries. Aerial imagery is extremely popular in the web directory industry, Blom is proud to be a supplier to many large web directories including BING,, Eniro and Repsol.


Website Enhancement

Integrating BlomOBLIQUE, via BlomURBEX into client facing websites allows users to get a greater spatial awareness and visualisation of the geographical locations

Tourism Place Markers

In larger cities tourism boards are now commissioning signs illustrated with BlomLANDMARKs and / or Blom3D to act as place markers and guide tourists

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