Telecommunication companies require infrastructure investments that enable the successful roll-out and optimisation of their fixed & aerial networks. Costs saving and return on investments are a high priority, as well as increased efficiency and the additional intelligence provided from the geospatial data solutions.

Blom has experience, throughout Europe, in providing data models to Telco’s that comprise of complete data models that includes height data and feature classification with a height values. These classes can be distinguished as vegetation, such as trees and forestry, or man-made features, such as buildings and bridges. The Blom products and solutions can be deployed off line to be integrated in network planning applications, or online via BlomURBEX™ / BlomURBEX3D™.

Traditional Blom services, such as vertical aerial survey or BlomOBLIQUE imagery, are currently used by Telco’s in a variety of different disciplines – from site hunting and radio simulation for antenna positioning to planning the networking of optical fibres in urban areas. 


Network Planning

The ability to view buildings from an Oblique perspective is used to identify building heights for cable access calculations, thus allowing these tasks to be completed from the desktop.

Assigning Values to Buildings

BlomOBLIQUE’s are currently being used by planners to assign values to building in revenue functions for marketing planning, reducing site visits and saving money.

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