In the field of Forestry (inventory and engineering), Blom has specialised skills combined with many years of experience in serving the industry with top-of-the-line consultancy services. These services provide vital geospatial intelligence and allow end users to carry out assessments from the office. This reduces site visits and increases efficiency, providing a fantastic return on investment.


Forest Inventory - Species

Blom has an inventory of forests based on remote sensing techniques. Based on data from aerial laser scanning, photogrammetry, and data from the local surveys can supply a detailed inventory of forest types on the basis of individual species.

Forest Inventory – Changes

Aerial laser scanning is an excellent tool for measuring changes in vegetation height and density and biomass in order to determine the precise biophysical parameters of forest stands. They can determine the height of the trees, area, diameter distribution of strains, strain numbers, species composition, wood volume and carbon stock.

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