Currently there is high pressure for each individual local council to save money and reduce costs. Although costs have to be reduced the councils are also under pressure to provide a better, safer service for their constituent, tasks like managing corporate property, flood management and planning cases still needs to be completed to a high standard. Blom has been able to assist their local authority customers by providing quality products, such as LiDAR and aerial imagery, that reduce the costs associated with site visits, enables quicker planning decisions and can be integrated into mapping applications allowing the whole authority to access the dataset and have that extra visual intelligence of their area. This provides a fantastic return on investment and can save large sums of money for each department the data is used within.

Blom has a strong background in providing local authorities with datasets ranging from traditional aerial survey to hosted BlomOBLIQUE data and models via the BlomURBEX service. With the hosted BlomWEB geospatial service now available to the local government sector this also reduces the costs of having to manage and host their own data volumes which results in even further cost savings.


Event Planning

By using BlomOBLIQUE’s the ability to view from five perspectives, measure and annotate provides an idea tool for event planning. 

Solar Potential

Local Governments tend to own many houses / commercial properties throughout their boroughs. Blom can complete Solar Potential assessments on these properties to evaluate how successful the installation of solar panels on each property would be. 


Using aerial imagery within planning reports is a fantastic and accurate way of providing a visualisation for the planning committee and costly reducing site visits. BlomOBLIQUE imagery, with its 5 orientations, measurement ability and online access is perfect for this application.

Asset Management

Most local government organisations have to manage their assets, for example road furniture. Products such as BlomSTREET have such high resolutions and accuracies the requirement for site visits are reduced, which results in valuable time and expense being saved.

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