All emergencies services are at the forefront of national prevention, protection and rescue.  Blom has many clients in the emergency sector and are active in the EENA (European Emergency Number Association), EENA are an association developed to promote the knowledge and usage of the 112 emergency number across Europe.   

Under today’s strict budgetary confinements emergency services are forced to reduce costs whilst increasing their performance, from dealing with minor public disturbances to the threat of terrorism, Blom’s geospatial data and solutions can be used in a variety of ways to improve efficiency, add locational intelligence and provide detailed visualisations of sites not accessible via normal methods. 

BlomOBLIQUE aerial imagery is recognized by EENA, Brussels Fire Brigade have been awarded for using BlomOBLIQUE aerial imagery as a new key integrated component within the daily workflow of the brigade. Geospatial data aides the decision process and saves time, resources, and, most importantly, lives.


Event Planning

By using BlomOBLIQUE’s the ability to view from five perspectives, measure and annotate provides an ideal tool for event planning. 

Evidence Reports

All aerial imagery is provided with metadata showing dates / times. This information is extremely important when creating evidence reports for legal cases.

Command and Control

Using aerial imagery within command and control centres can aide with decision making, providing more information to the emergency responders before they arrived at the scene.

Simulation Modelling

Mapping, Aerial imagery and 3D are all products used when creating models to predict real life situations for training purposes.

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