CAD Vector Mapping

Blom embarks upon CAD vector mapping projects throughout the world and has a fully digital production line for topographic and thematic maps. Blom has the capability and capacity to manage and execute projects of nearly unlimited scope.

All scales of projects are undertaken for both national mapping and large scale civil engineering design applications, and meet all national and international specifications.

Through their wide experience Blom is able to provide data structured to meet modern data requirements within sectors like planning, engineering, construction, environmental applications, business solutions, forestry, farming as well as supporting additional data needs and services.


Topographic / Cadastral Plans

Blom supports CAD users by completing topographic surveys with GNSS and total station. It is also possible to overlay CAD data with orthophotography, or raster mapping, and digitise parcel boundaries.

CAD Drawings

CAD drawings are widely used in the GIS industry and can be used to export a vector mapping project, produce 2D and 3D engineering drawings or used to plot 2D elevations inside a pre-determined block.

PLS- CADD inputs

Blom deliver industry standard formats compatible with the leading PLS-CADD software used by consulting engineers to provide modelled powerline information.

Infrastructure Networks

Innovative solutions offer a genuine return on investment by assisting water companies in effective asset management while according with new legislation enabling them to meet their targets.

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