Ground Survey

Ground Surveying is a traditional core service, Blom has over 40 years' experience of operating a variety of land surveying techniques to benefit a number of industries as well as providing a data capture service for GIS users. Our reputation is based on personal service, reliability, flexibility and accuracy, all of which is supported by a policy of research, development and continual investment in state-of-the-art technologies.

Blom deploys experienced survey teams around the world, to perform critical survey reports. The Blom surveying team has a wealth of experience in all areas of surveying. We are also keen to perform bespoke work, which enables us to design effective, accurate and economical solutions in order to offer our clients the very best results.


Hydrological Modelling

Longitudinal and cross-section profiles can be produced with DTMs, land survey or a combination of the two. Topographic and textual information can be added for hydrodynamic modelling work.

Infrastructure Networks

Water and sewerage networks and attributes are collected by Blom by means of levelling planimetric measurements with GPS receivers from a topographic network designed for this purpose.

Aerial Imagery Control Points

In order to achieve accurate aerial imagery and DTMs a network of ground control points need to be precisely determined by GPS measurements and subsequently validated for cadastre.

Stereo Restitution

When photogrammetric imagery cannot be interpreted Blom’s experienced Survey staff carry out field measurements with survey quality GPS or electronic EDM systems.

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