Aerial Survey

Blom has been acquiring aerial imagery since 1919 and is a pioneer in the production of imagery based products. Technology may have evolved but the concept remains the same and, even now, aerial imagery still provides the traditional basis for many of Blom's products and services.

The Blom group utilises the very latest technological developments in both hardware and software. They own a number of large format digital cameras, from both Vexcel and Leica, mounted in twin-engine planes. Advanced Global Navigation Satellite systems (GNSS) and Inertial Navigation systems (INS) enable Blom to provide customers with the highest quality products available. Helicopter mounted systems are often used when the highest resolutions and extremely high accuracies are required.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a revolutionary aerial laser scanning technology which enables height data to be captured quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Blom has been one of the world’s leading providers of LiDAR resources over the last ten years and offers a full range of services and solutions, from consultancy and data capture through to data processing and digital models. The group operate both helicopter and fixed-wing LiDAR systems, as well as mobile and terrestrial scanners; this means that the laser products Blom produces are extremely versatile. High accuracy datasets produced from the helicopter LiDAR system can be used for the high detailed mapping of road and rail routes, while the fixed-wing system is cost effective enough to survey large areas of forestry. Blom can also offer LiDAR solutions both as contracted services for specific aerial surveying projects, or pre-captured areas that are part of Blom’s archive datasets.

Blom's fleet of aircraft and cameras meet the most demanding requirements regarding accuracy, altitude, resolution and deliverables, enabling mobilisation on short notice to any location quickly and efficiently.

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