BlomURBEX 3D™ is the online geoserver for the Blom3D™ products. The BlomURBEX 3D™ server is fast and efficient and can be accessed via the desktop, web and mobile application. 

The BlomURBEX 3D™ currently hosted in excess of 340 Blom3D city models, over 12,000 km² of data. The models have four different LODs (level of detail), ranging from simple wire frames to fully textured models. This flexible range of LOD allows for Blom’s clients to choose which level of detail they require for their specific purposes.

The Blom3D™ product family contains the following layers/components:

  • BlomLOD1™ - Building blocks minus roof detail
  • BlomLOD2™ - Building blocks with large scale roof detail
  • BlomLOD3™- Building blocks with large scale roof detail plus standard format library textures based on  colour and representation of real features
  • BlomLOD4™ - Building blocks with large scale roof detail plus Photo-realistic textures from aerial imagery
  • BlomLANDMARKS™ - High resolution 3D representations of specific landmarks completed with Photo-realistic textures
  • BlomNAVIGATION™ - Dataset of road features and other elements generated for routing, navigation and representation purposes.
  • BlomPEDESTRIAN™ - Dataset of pedestrian features and other elements generated for routing, navigation and representation purposes.

The BlomURBEX 3D™ server has been specially designed to provide fast access to the BlomURBEX 3D™ models. They are light weight compared to standard 3D formats, they are designed especially for an online environment. The components of the data models are packaged and compressed for easy publication; this perfectly balances the volume of data while keeping the high quality of the model.

The data and functionality can be accessed through a variety of technologies and applications, Blom has a collection of standard API’s / SDK’s which allow users to create their own integrations with intranet solutions or web mapping products. Alternatively users can access BlomURBEX3D™ through pre-developed GIS plug-ins or via Blom’s new viewing application BlomWEB Viewer™. The many different methods of accessing BlomURBEX 3D™ emphasises the flexibility of the service and how this geoserver can meet all customer requirements, however varied they may be.

Applications for BlomURBEX 3D™ are varied dependant on the market sector, as public awareness of 3D increases then so does the requirement for the models in new and evolutionary functions. Traditional uses currently see BlomURBEX 3D™ being used for planning purposes, new applications for the models have seen them become invaluable gaming and interactive multimedia guides.


  • Navigation
  • Leisure applications, tourist guides and games
  • Urban planning
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Transportation
  • Mutlimedia guides for education and tourism

Reference Customers

  • Newscape Technologies (France),
  • FAST Protect (Switzerland)

Demos and Downloads

BlomURBEX 3D™ Whitepaper
BlomURBEX 3D™ Factsheet

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