BlomWEB Viewer™

BlomWEB Viewer™

The BlomWEB Viewer™ is a web based solution that provides the user with all of the features and functionality of the BlomURBEX™ API in the form of a pre-designed application.  This viewer is directly connected to the BlomURBEX™ and the BlomURBEX3D™ geostores.

Blom has developed the BlomWEB Viewer™ to provide our customers with the flexibility of accessing the BlomURBEX™ geostore through a variety of methods either via BlomWEB Viewer™, web API’s, mobile SDK’s or GIS plug-ins. The viewer contains the functionality that is provided in the API’s, for example navigation, search and measurement while retaining the speed and stability of the BlomURBEX™ service.

There are many applications for the BlomWEB Viewer™, through many different market sectors and with a wide range of products. The application has been designed for professional users that require a viewer to manage Blom’s data for purposes such as emergency planning, visualisation and urban planning.


  • Urban planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Route planning
  • Export of imagery for reports / media purposes
  • Emergency call centers
  • Disaster response planning
  • Property taxation evaluation
  • Insurance assessment and risk analysis
  • Property appraisal
  • Illustration & documentation

Demos & Downloads

BlomWEB Viewer™ Product Sheet
BlomWEB Viewer™ User Manual


BlomWEB Viewer

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